Founded in 2008, Oxti has been enabling some of the world’s best brands with our innovative product design, expertise in user experience and interface, strong manufacturing, and supply chain proficiency.

With a strong focus on technology and ergonomics, we have been providing product solutions to some of the world’s largest technology companies – from product conception to full-scale production and after-market services. Delivering both strategy and execution, Oxti has been bridging the gap between business, technology, and furniture solutions for 15-years.

Now, Oxti is providing our unique and innovative product solutions directly to US organizations.

Our initial offering is the Uvio Light, which disinfects the shared workstations in any organization every night, so they are completely sanitized and virus-free the next day. This is done for 15 – 17 cents a day, a fraction of the cost to manually disinfect the desktops.

Uvio is far more effective than manually disinfecting, costs about 90% less to disinfect the desktops and is completely green and environmentally friendly, much unlike the toxic chemicals typically used in deep cleaning.