Direct UVC Disinfection

Disinfecting Shared Desktops at Night For a Sanitized and Safe Work Area Every Day.

MORE EFFECTIVE than Manual Disinfecting

At Only 10% of the Cost of Manual Disinfecting

100% GREEN and Environmentally Safe 

Why Does Workplace Safety Require Desktop Sanitation in Today’s Business Environment?

Research Shows the Average Desktop Has 400 Times More Bacteria Than the Average Public Toilet Seat

2022 Harris Poll: #1 Issue of Employees Returning to Office is Health and Wellness

Current Preventative Strategies Are Ineffective

UVC Light Has Been KILLING Viruses: and Harmful Pathogens for Over 100-Years

Manual Deep Cleaning Is Not the Best Solution

Manual Disinfection is costly, toxic and less effective than UVC

UVC Light Offers Significant Advantages

Most of the world’s water supply is disinfected with UVC Light

The Uvio Light: A More Effective, Non-Toxic, Less Costly Disinfecting Solution