Employees are Concerned About Their Health When Returning to the Office

First and foremost, employers are required to provide a safe work environment. The possibility of a potentially infected person sitting at the desk the day before, calls into question the safety of the environment the next day in the absence of some form of disinfection.

Employees are justifiably anxious and uncomfortable about their health and safety working at desk where someone could have had a harmful virus the day before. Unfortunately, we’ve all seen others sneeze in their hands and immediately use the keyboard.

The primary challenge now is to provide a safe work environment and give employees the peace of mind that they won’t become ill and pass it on to their families.

Alert Media, a leading emergency notification and monitoring company, surveyed over 2,000 full-time US employees in 2022 about personal safety and well-being and they found:

  • 79% of employees say they are more concerned today about their health and well-being than ever before
  • 97% of US employees believe it’s important to feel safe at work, but only 54% of employees feel their personal safety is important to their employer
  • To the question: what would motivate you to stay with your employer for the long-term: 48% said competitive compensation and 47% said it was workplace safety, the #2 answer.

In a 2022 Harris Poll of over 1,000 US employees, 84% of workers want their workplace to implement tangible changes to improve hygiene and worker safety before they come back to the office.

According to research from Gensler, COVID-related office hygiene and cleaning protocols play a major role in employees’ decisions to go back to the office. Almost half of all employees are moderately-to-extremely influenced to come back to the office by how their employer is addressing workplace safety.

In a separate 2022 survey by Paychex of over 600 full-time employees, 43% of employees cited that bringing Covid home to family from the workplace was their top concern in going back to office.

All this research and data tells us that the security from knowing the desktop and shared devices are disinfected daily has a huge impact on employee performance. In fact, it has become a requirement.