for a sanitized work area Every Day

UVC Disinfection focuses on the shared workstations and and ensures that the keyboard, mouse, and primary work area of every one is directly disinfected every night so that it is sanitized and virus-free and ready for the next day. Uvio shines UVC light for 2-hours at night over a 4’ x 2’ area of the desk.

Uvio is barely seen at 1” height and depth and less than 12” long. It is powered through a USB cord,(provided), which plugs into a wall outlet (power brick also provided). The Uvio Light comes in one size, one style and one color. Just one sku to sanitize every shared station in the organization. Uvio has been independently tested to kill 99.25% of desktop pathogens in a 4’w x 2’d area on the desktop.

In 2-hours, Uvio disinfected the entire 48” x 24” area, which ensures that the entire primary work area is sanitized for the employee using the desk the next day.

A petri dish with the Coronavirus was used in each of the four corners (labeled 1 – 4) After numerous tests in which the light was activated for 2-hours, the number of viruses was counted and between 99.25% and 99.9% of the Coronavirus was killed



  • The Uvio Light is set up and activated through a centrally controlled Wi-Fi app, downloaded to any phone, which turns the light on after hours when the workstations are vacant.
  • With the programmable Wi-Fi, a disinfection record is created. This documentation is vital as it protects the company in the event of any lawsuit or other claim against the company for negligence.
  • It is clear that using UVC light to disinfect all shared workstations every night would be impossible to be deemed as negligent.

Dual Safety System

Because UVC light can be harmful if directly exposed to the skin or eyes, Uvio has a Dual Sensor System to ensure that no one gets exposed to the potentially harmful light, just in case someone is in the building after hours when the lights are activated.

First, there is a Passive Infrared Sensor that detects body heat within 20 feet away, which will automatically shut the light off. Second, there is a Microwave Sensor, which is a proximity sensor that automatically shuts the light off with any detected motion within 10 feet. Both distances are well within the margin of safety for UVC direct exposure, which based on Uvio’s light intensity, is 6 feet.

Uvio’s redundant system helps to guarantee that no one will get exposed to potentially harmful UVC light.

UVIO Specifications